We all want our children to become confident and responsible adults. But when it comes to pocket money, we may not always have the necessary tools to help them understand and manage it properly.
With myFirstCard and associated myFirstCard app, you stay in control as the child learns how to spend and manage pocket money. Attracting the young and teen lifestyle, shifting them from cash to digital transactions at an early age.
Focussed on providing a smart way to manage and spend pocket money.
Reloadable prepaid card with unique spend and budget controls you can decide where myFirstCard can be used.

myFirstCard is a unique way of letting children manage their pocket money.

Awesome Features

myFirstCard is packed with following awesome features

Personalised card

Your child's name or favourite photo printed on the card

Instant Top up

Prepaid card that lets you spend only what you load

Spending Controls

You can decide where and when myFirstCard can be used


ATM withdrawals when in need of cash

Digital acceptance

Convenience of using at retail and online merchants

Spend alerts

Get notification messages for all the transactions

Brands and Offers

Exciting personalised offers from leading brands

Spend analysis

View and analyse transactions category wise

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Safe and Secure

  • Prepaid, so you can only spend what you load
  • EMV chip cards with the latest and enhanced security
  • Decide where and when the transactions are allowed
  • Transaction notification messages to parent and child
  • Instantly lock the card if lost or stolen
  • Easy to use at PoS, Online and ATM
  • Safe and secure way of carrying pocket money

Redefining the way pocket money is spent

myFirstCard is focussed on providing a smart way to manage and spend pocket money. Attracting the young and teen lifestyle, myFirstCard completely enhances the pocket money experience.

A debit card without the need
for a savings account

Digital convenience
of carrying pocket money

Mobile app that gives
complete analysis of spends

Payments are secure,
simple and fun

As a parent, I can keep
track and control all transactions

How myFirstCard works

myFirstCard helps children to spend and manage their pocket money with their own personalized card and an app to track their transactions in real time.

Parents can control limits and budgets and track the transactions, load money and instantly lock the card if stolen or lost with their own app.

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